Our CrossFit program is designed to help push you physically and mentally in a positive direction toward leading a healthier life style. We place a focus on building and maintaining strong functional movements while increasing mobility and flexibility. Since we are able to cater each movement to the specific individuals needs, this program is perfect for those looking to get into fitness for the first time or those that are seasoned gym-goers and looking for a new program to follow. 

Each CrossFit class is 60 minutes long including a dynamic warm up to get the body loosened up for the day's activities, a strength portion to help build lean muscle and a conditioning portion to elevate your heart rate and increase your cardiovascular activity. 

These classes can include any combination of a number of barbell movements including squats, deadlifts and over head presses, as well as Olympic lifts such as the clean and the snatch. Other pieces of equipment we like to include to create a well-rounded fitness program are kettlebells, gymnastic rings, plyometric boxes, jump ropes, resistance bands and many other odds and ends including our 450lb tractor tire!